Posted by: Bill Stoneman | July 23, 2009

Calendar says July, but feels like September

The 5.02 inches of rain recorded in June in Albany Raddishes May 2009-1by the National Weather Service was 1.2 inches more than average, according to the Albany Times Union. And 4.09 inches recorded through the first 16 days of July was 0.6 inches above average, according to the Weather Service. Maybe those figures are right. But the rain has seemed more relentless than that to many informal observers.

On top of that, it has been cool – in fact the Weather Service says 4.8 degrees below average in the first half of July.

Thus, our vegetables are experiencing some unusual conditions. In our yard, the lettuce has remained great much later than we would have expected. Summer squash is growing faster than we can eat it or give it away. Tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are beginning to form on their respective plants. But they’re not as far along as they are by this time some summers.



  1. I would say some things are further along than usual. All around it is a very unusual year in Albany.

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